What is The.Stripes.In.Me

The.Stripes.In.Me, a Taekwondo Family Owned and Operated business, was created and designed in 2017 by Dennis, a Martial Artist, who set out to create a Brand that far exceeds just manufacturing products but supporting and backing all Martial Artists in the Do Jang.

The name, The.Stripes.In.Me, derives from the stripes on a taekwondo belt that a student moves up in belt ranks and consistently demonstrates competence of the given material.

The functionality and success of our products is what drives us to keep on keeping on. Our determination to create apparel, both comfortable and functional, to wear in the Public or in a Do Jang remains our highest priority. Our customers, their satisfaction, and the safety of all Martial Artists is what fuels the fire in all of us day in and day out.

Today The.Stripes.In.Me is run by Dennis and his wife Christine who works at a local Utility Company and oversee operations and the growth of the brand. Together we put a brand together that we believe in.

Our Mission, goal, and passion behind the brand is to give back to Taekwondo and our Martial Arts community.

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