The Story

TheStripesInMe Apparel, a Taekwondo and Martial Arts Family Owned and Operated business, was created and designed in 2017 by Dennis, a Black Belt in Taekwondo and Hapkido, who set out to create a Brand that far exceeds just manufacturing products but supporting and backing all Taekwondo and Martial Artists on and off the mat.

The name, TheStripesInMe  Apparel, derives from the individual who mastered all the Stripes on a Taekwondo belt to achieve the next color belt. The stripes on a Taekwondo belt honors a student progression through a color belt. Our stripes honors those who have shown hard work and accumulated experience that proves u have the skills or ability for a particular rank.

The functionality and success of our products is what drives us to keep on keeping on. Our determination to create apparel, both comfortable and functional, to wear on and off the mat remains our highest priority. Our customers, their satisfaction, and the safety of all Martial Artists in and out of the dojang is what fuels the fire in all of us day in and day out.

Today, TheStripesInMe Apparel is run by Dennis Who oversee operations and the growth of the brand. He proudly put together a community of Martial Artists who believe in the brand and the mission they are on.

Our mission, goal, and passion behind this brand is to give back to Taekwondo, and our Martial Arts community. Our devotion to our brothers and sisters in uniform is the driving force for our TheStripesInMe Apparel Family. Today, tomorrow and always, our thoughts and prayers are with those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those who to continue to train every day.

" Behind my uniform is a heart like yours, I bleed, think, love and yes, I can be beat, and although I 'am one man, I have thousands of Brothers and sisters who are the same as me."