Design ideas

  1. Earned Stripes: Design a t-shirt with an image of a Taekwondo belt with stripes on it. Each stripe could be filled with words that represent personal growth, such as “Resilience”, “Strength”, “Courage”, etc.

  2. Journey Map: Create a design that represents a journey map or a path with milestones. Each milestone could represent a significant event in your journey, such as “First Taekwondo Class”, “First Stripe Earned”, etc.

  3. Inspirational Quotes: Use powerful quotes related to martial arts, personal growth, and resilience. The text could be designed in a creative way to form the shape of a Taekwondo move or stance.

  4. Abstract Art: Use abstract shapes and lines to represent the fluidity and dynamism of Taekwondo. The design could be minimalistic with a single stripe element to keep the focus on the brand’s concept.

  5. Symbolic Illustrations: Use symbols that represent strength, growth, and transformation. For example, a phoenix rising, a diamond formed under pressure, or a tree growing against odds.

  6. Community Design: Involve your community in the design process. You could hold a design contest where your followers submit their own t-shirt designs. This can create engagement and make your community feel more involved in your brand.